Springfield College Weather Notification

College Closing, Cancellation, or Delay of Classes

When there is a closing or delay due to inclement weather, information will be posted here.

Springfield College wishes to keep safe its community members during periods of inclement weather. This page will provide updates regarding weather-related class and event cancellations and office closings before and during inclement weather occurrences.

In the event that inclement weather presents a risk to members of the College community, the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, in consultation with the President, Executive Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police, the Director of Facilities Management, and others as appropriate, will make a determination on whether to cancel or delay classes and/or to close certain offices and campus services. The essential factor in the decision will be the safety of our students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Typically, determination on whether a closing, cancellation, or delayed opening is necessary will be made by 6 a.m. with notifications in place by 6:15 a.m. Broadcast media usually post the information shortly after that. Please keep in mind, however, that every situation is unique.

When a snowstorm or other weather event occurs during the workday, updated information regarding cancellation of the remainder of day classes, evening classes, and campus activities will be posted on the weather emergency notification page during the day.

Specific School information

For School of Social Work students, faculty, and staff:
 Closures, cancellations, or delays specific to the School of Social Work Springfield and Worcester campuses are posted on the School of Social Work home page.

For regional students, faculty, and staff:
 Closures, cancellations, or delays specific to one or several regional campuses are posted on individual campus home pages Regional Campuses. A phone message is also recorded on the phone system of the affected campus.

Forms of Notification

When inclement weather necessitates that the main campus of Springfield College close, cancel, or delay events, the College undertakes the following forms of notification:

  1. The Springfield College Weather Emergency Notification page
  2. The Springfield College RAVE Alert notification system (text and email)
  3. The Springfield College website
  4. The Springfield College internal website, PrideNET
  5. Springfield College Weather Emergency Telephone (413) 748-5999
  6. Facebook
  7. Twitter
  8. Instagram Stories
  9. Snapchat
  10. Local television and radio stations (Radio -- WHYN 560AM, KIX 100.9FM, WAQY 102.1FM, WMAS 94.7FM, and WHMP 1400AM. Television -- WWLP-NBC TV 22, WGGB-ABC TV 40, WSHM-CBS TV 3, WGGB-FOX TV 6, and WVIT-NBC Connecticut)

SC Alert/RAVE Alert Emergency Notification System
Register or make changes to your Springfield College RAVE Alert account here.

Athletic Events

The cancellation of athletic events will be determined by the Director of Athletics or her/his designee. The determination is made independently of a decision about classes. The safety of students, staff, and faculty will be factored into all decisions regarding travel.


  1. Cancelled Classes is defined as the canceling of scheduled classes and the closing of College offices.  However, required personnel are expected to report.
  2. Delayed Opening is defined as scheduled classes cancelled until the opening time and offices are closed until the designated time.  However, required personnel are expected to report.
  3. School Closed is defined as all classes and activities are cancelled, all offices are closed except for basic services including food service and campus safety. Emergency and other required personnel are expected to report.

Facilities Open During Inclement Weather

Activities for Students: If the main campus has a weather-related closing, there will be a full slate of activities for students. These activities will be posted in Cheney Hall, the campus union, and residence halls.

In addition, the following facilities will be open and essential services available:

Cheney Hall (413) 748-3205
Technology Solutions Center (413) 748-4872
Library (413) 748-3315
Public Safety (413) 748-5555
Residence Life (413) 748-3102
Campus Union (413) 748-3000
Wellness & Recreation Complex (413) 748-3396

Please note: these facilities may have modified hours.

Mobility Shuttle

During times of inclement weather, a mobility shuttle is available for those experiencing mobility issues. This service is available when classes are in session, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with continued service available via the College’s safety shuttle’s hours of operation. (The Springfield College shuttle service operates Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to midnight and Friday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.)

If you are in need of the mobility shuttle service, call (413) 748-3516. Please indicate if you will need a van with a wheelchair lift or if the shuttle van would be better able to assist you.

Clearing of Parking Lots

Students are notified of snow removal dates and timing via postings in residence halls, Springfield College email, and posted signs at lots on the day of snow removal.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of the individual to find out when the removal will occur.

Personal Safety

When classes are not canceled, it is the personal decision of each of our non-residential students regarding their ability to drive to campus for scheduled classes safely. Students who believe that they should not drive to campus should contact their faculty members prior to class as they would for any other unexpected absence, such as an illness or a transportation issue.